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About Us

About Us

Marjorie Bronk Loux, Office Manager
The Recorder Shop opened for business in 1976. Since that time the shop has served the music needs
of amateurs and professionals alike. Based on service capitalism, our concern was and still is, the selling
of top quality instruments at the lowest possible price; our profit margin is very small. 
All instruments are new and thoroughly tested in our shop.
They are sold with the manufacturer's guarantee.

The Music Garden at Fairview Farm, the international offices of Loux Music Company / Dovehouse Editions Canada
In 1983, we added sheet music publishing for early instruments and in 1985 assumed control of Dovehouse Editions Canada. 
As we continue to grow, new instruments and new sheet music editions arrive monthly in the shop.
We have on our stock-shelves not only our own editions, but music from all the major publishers -  over 12,000 different titles.
Because music editions go in and out of print so fast, we only place on line our own editions.
Just an email or telephone call will let you know if the particular sheet music or instrument you desire is in stock.

The Recorder Shop is the North American retail division of Loux Music Company and Dovehouse Editions Canada. Loux Music Company was founded by musicians for the publishing of rare music for the recorder, double reeds and strings. Dovehouse Editions Canada offers scholarly performance editions for early instruments, especially the viola da gamba.
Editions are edited by world-class scholars and musicologists.
Editions under both imprints avoid awkward page turns and are printed on top quality paper.

Ruth Burbridge our United Kingdom distributor with Office Manager Marjorie Loux at Fairview Farm
We have major sheet music distributors throughout the world that wholesale to the trade.
We hope that you enjoy surfing this website; we KNOW that you will enjoy performing the music!!