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Strings and Other Instruments


Manufacturer Photo   Instrument Description Note: Contact us about current discounts! Price
Studio 49 ASp Alto Bowed Psaltery chromatic, 25 Strings f1 - g3, solid maple back and sides, fine spruce top, incl. bow, rosin and tuning key for precise tuning. Instructions for playing, use and maintenance are included with each instrument. $565.00
Aulos AF-1S Baroque Flute (A=440 Hz) black plastic with soft vinyl zipper case, cleaning rod and fingering chart. A classic design flute that is excellent for period ensemble performance. Range: d1-a3 with Baroque fingering. Produces a warm sound that blends nicely with recorders and other period instruments. $375.00
Aulos AF-3H Stansby Junior Replica Baroque Flute (A=415 Hz) ivory colored plastic with case, cleaning rod and fingering chart. This flute is a replica of an example made by a London flute maker during the first half of the 18th century. Range d1-a3 with Baroque fingering. $575.00

  Fife in C with fingering chart and cloth bag. $15.95

CP-1 Tin Whistle in C, chromatic c-f2 painted (as illustrated) or tin plated w. instructions. $21.00
Percussion Plus PK-32 Percussion Kit: 32 note F-c3 bells, bell stand, 2 mallets, 2 sticks, music rack, 8-inch tunable pad and cloth carrying bag $269.00

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